Ana María Cortés

Garden and Landscape Designer

I founded Ana Landscape Design after graduating as an Interior Designer and Garden & Landscape Designer from Finis Terrae University and Inacap Institute in Santiago, Chile. I also studied at Tokyo Agricultural University and Japanese Gardens & Bonsai at Yokohama School.

I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients in the industry all around the world specifically in Tokyo, North America, and the Northern part of Chile, for 18 years. The experience of working in a variety of climates, including extreme weather conditions, has broadened my skills with various plant life. I have an extensive experience with a wide variety of garden styles, color, space, and proportions.

I’m an international garden designer and I produce stylish & individual gardens and landscapes for discerning clients. I have lived in Japan, Philadelphia (USA), Antofagasta (desert), Santiago (Chile), Houston (USA) and have travelled almost all around the world studying and learning from different cultures. My projects range from tiny courtyards to great coastal borders. All garden and landscape designs are bespoke to suit my clients, their thoughts & their objectives. I create contemporary garden designs, architectural garden designs, traditional garden designs, formal garden designs and Japanese gardens. They always have my custom touch, but are very much my clients’ gardens – not mine. That’s important to me that the garden suits the client’s desires and interests! I work with excellent craftsmen & plant suppliers to build my gardens. My teams have worked with me for many years.

Clients appreciate our consistency and recommend us as a team. I love my job and am a privileged to work in it. I try to make people happy and them to enjoy the green outdoor…

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